Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to go on the trip of a lifetime and spend 3 weeks in Vietnam. My friend Liz and I (who, fun fact, I actually met through Pole Perfect Fitness) decided to take a girl’s trip all across Vietnam, sort of on a whim!

While I was there, I saw some of the most beautiful places in the world — the culture, the sights, the food… everything in Vietnam had me in awe! On our trip, Liz and I were on a mission to see as much of the country as we could, and boy did we! From a trek through the rice fields of Sapa to the top of Fansipan mountain, to the China beach towns of Da Nang and Hoi An, we did it all. Reflecting on my trip, I can’t help but think that I owe all of these amazing experiences and memories to pole fitness.

I say this because pole fitness truly changed my life. Before I found pole fitness, I was very over weight and physical activity was a real burden for me. Thanks to pole fitness, I lost over 70 pounds, and I have continued to keep the weight off for over 15 years. Pole Fitness has helped me develop strong, lean muscle throughout my entire body, and it has increased my endurance and improved my energy.

Prior to pole dancing fitness, I would have never been able to hike, climb and trek all over Vietnam. Now, I am proud to say that I traveled all through the cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh with ease and made kayaking and swimming across Halong Bay look easy!

My trip to Vietnam truly opened my eyes to how much of an impact pole dancing fitness has had on my health and my life. Now, I’m excited to travel the world and put my strong body to use! After all, we all only have one body. We have to treat it right so that we are able to live life to the fullest! To be able to travel, live daily and make lifetime memories requires health and wellness. I can’t stress enough how taking care of yourself is a daily necessity.

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